Worried about how to plan a New Year party with your pet? Here are some of my secret tips.

It is going to be the second New Year that I am going to celebrate with my Thor and I am really excited about it.

dog party

Here are some of the ways that will help you to make your and your pets new year quite exciting.

How to plan a New Year party with your pet?

Plan out a house party 

House party is something that will make you and your dog or any pet comfortable. But here you need to take care of certain things. First and foremost is the guest list. Here you need to call only those members who are comfortable with pets. Like my Thor has a priority guest list, and they are only invited for the New Year Eve party. So, likewise, you need to plan your party too. 

party with dogs

Next is the time duration of the party. Don’t expect your dog to stay awake until midnight as it will surely affect his/her health. Make him sleep early, so he can welcome New Year with loads of energy and fun.

Plan for a movie


If your pet is fond of watching movies then it will be a great plan. Finish off your work early and get ready with the perfect movie set up; so there is no unnecessary disturbance in the middle. Plan out the movie list before too.

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A treat party

dog treats

Cooking with pets is really amazing and entertaining. So, spend some time cooking their favourite treats. This way you can make them excited and happy. Or if you don’t want to cook during these days, then you can buy some of your pet’s favourite treats. Pack them in a box give them a surprise.

Say no these 

New Year is something we wait for a whole year, but when you have a pet at home and especially a dog then you should be extra alert and conscious. Here let all your friends and relative not to serve your pet with alcohol, cookies, sugar, cream, cakes, or chocolates. All these are harmful to your dog, and they might suffer from allergies or severe health issues.

Are you ready to plan a New Year party with your pet? Don’t take extra stress as whether your pet will merge in the party or not. Let it go with the flow. But make sure you are not forcing your pet to come to the party unless he is ready. If he is willing to sleep inside the room or wants to play then let them do as they wish.

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